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Web + Seminar = Webinar

Posted in Promotional Products,Webinar by iipva on March 24, 2010
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I watched (attended?) a webinar yesterday on  promotional products hosted by BrightTALK. A&E magazine’s Stephen Capper discussed his “personal experience to present several reasons why YOU should consider offering these popular items. He identified several issues that newcomers need to be aware of and offer practical advice for finding your own success with promotional products.”

Well, we’re already in that business – it’s our “thing” so to speak, but you can always learn more. That industry is always changing and it was a refreshing and interesting webinar. Capper touched on the top 10 promotional products (he didn’t list them exactly, so it’s a little fuzzy):

10. recognition awards
9. recognition jewelry
8. ?
7. calendars (200+ impressions every month!)
5-6. glassware
4. bags/totes (1,000+ impressions a month!)
3. hats/caps
2. shirts
1. writing instruments

If you’re ever in need of promotional products, we can absolutely help you out. Capper added that almost every company needs promotional products – and we believe it!


Irish you were beer!

Posted in IIP office fun by iipva on March 16, 2010
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St. Patrick's Day Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve! You’re Irish aren’t you? Aren’t we all a little Irish on March 17?

Check this out: the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 40.7 billion pounds of U.S. beef and 2.5 billion pounds of cabbage  was produced in 2008. Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish. Wow!

Yesterday we had a rep come in from The Lee Group, a staffing agency in Hampton Roads. We told her we weren’t interested but to leave her card if we ever needed assistance. She left more than her card — TREATS!  “Don’t leave your hiring decisions to luck… Trust The Lee Group!!” & on the flip side, “We have “BEAN” in the staffing business since 1971,” accompanied w/ a pack of green jellybeans.  How clever! After showing it around in the office Debbie said, “Can you imagine if she had just left her business card? That wouldn’t have been memorable at all!”

That is a fantastic way to leave a great impression when you’re doing office drop bys. What are other methods do you use when you’re leaving your card behind for your services?


Posted in Signs by iipva on March 12, 2010
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IIP Yard sign We had a couple come in our office the other day to switch out our candy machines & the woman had seen a sign on our counter waiting to be picked up. She asked what else we did and we rattled off the long list of services and products we have provided our customers over the years. She told us her daughter is expecting a baby next month and would love to surprise her with a yard sign welcoming home the new baby. Curtis designed this and printed it the next day and WOW was she thrilled. Not to toot our own horn (but who will, if not us?) but she was ecstatic! “Wowwww! That looks awesome!!! I give Curt an A A A + + +!! I wish I would have known about this sooner because I would have used you guys! This would have been great for my 50th birthday!!”

Anyway, it was an awesome pick-up this morning. If you need signs for any occasion, new baby, birthday, graduation, wedding or your business – lawn care, car services, personal training – whatever it may be, we can take care of it for you. Give us a call! 757.497.0671

We have a BLOG!

Posted in Uncategorized by iipva on March 4, 2010


Big day here at IIP – I’ve created a blog! Here you will find information on promotional products we provide companies to increase sales & raise brand awareness. We coordinate the selection, design, decoration, and production of logo merchandise, signs and banners and commercial print.

We also offer E-commerce and virtual storefront solutions for franchise organizations and national and international multi-office organizations.

IIP offers order fulfillment, warehousing, product distribution, and kitting services to clients across the world. IIP focuses on technology and customer service, allowing our customers to focus on their businesses rather than worry about shipping products or managing inventory.

Stay tuned for fun posts about what we do and how we can help you, along with some personal/silly/funny posts about the office happenings!